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YouTube for Android allows users to browse and view millions of videos. Billions of hours of content are available on the platform. Businesses, organizations, and private individuals can upload videos to the service with ease. Fortunately, this gives users tons of content to watch each and every day. The Android app for YouTube is one of the most popular mobile apps on the planet with over a billion installs since release.

An Overview Of The YouTube App

When the YouTube app is opened, users are presented with recommended videos for themselves. Typically, recommendations come from a mix of current subscriptions and algorithm-based suggestions from Google. The app itself looks fresh, and menus are simple to navigate. Most users will find the recommendations more useful than not, but results will vary from user to user.

Countless updates have made YouTube run smooth and fast without any noticeable stutters or lagging on decent hardware. As with most apps, low-end hardware may struggle to play higher resolution videos or navigate through menus seamlessly. Speaking of resolution, each video in the app can have its resolution toggled, which is a useful feature. YouTube supports notifications, and they work well enough but could be improved in certain ways.

YouTube's gigantic library of content shines through most of all, especially on Android devices. No user will run out of things to watch, and millions of new videos are uploaded each day. Regardless of interests or preferences, something is available to view on YouTube every moment that will pique a viewer's interest. Perhaps the only downside to this abundance of content is that not everything is worth watching or sorting through.

A Great Experience In A Great App

As previously mentioned, the YouTube for Android app isn't perfect. It still comes pretty close to perfection and is one of the best content portals available today. Everything works well on Android devices, and rarely will users find themselves frustrated. The occasional app crash or hanging video is bound to happen. Also, video viewing in general burns through both data and battery life - things every user should expect going in.

Billions of people view YouTube videos every 24 hours, and many access the service through an Android smartphone or tablet. In the end, Google provides an excellent gateway into YouTube's content through the Android app. Few apps run better, and optimization through regular updates shines through here. Many of Google's in-house apps are well-polished, so Google users won't find any surprises here. Like any app, certain issues arise from time to time, but the app simply works when it comes to viewing a video at the touch of a button.


  • Google gives users a well-designed app
  • Many obvious and not-so-obvious features
  • Millions of videos are available for viewing


  • Watching high-resolution videos eats through data
  • Hours of video viewing burns through battery life as well
  • Notifications in the app don't always work well

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